10-12 september 2020

Our world is in absolute free-fall, and so from that there is a real urgency
that the Church will now rise.

There is an urgent call now for all Christians in our nation
to do everything we can to turn this nation,
and the nations of the world, to Jesus.

United Kingdom and Beyond Conference is for everyone
who is concerned about the state of our nation.
We would love you to be a part of it. We need your help to
fulfill the vision of turning this wonderful nation of ours to Jesus.

Urgent action to help reach New Zealand and the nations with the gospel is a massive calling that God has placed upon this conference.


10 – 12th september 2020


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testimonials from united kingdom and beyond 2018


Speaker 2018

“Pastor Tak Bhana and his team from New Zealand are just amazing. He and his team are carriers of God’s presence. They’re people who are so generous, kind, supportive and prayerful.

I see great value in this conference because of the distinctiveness that Pastor Tak and his church brings.”

Mike Pilavachi

Speaker 2018

“There are a number of things I have loved about United Kingdom and Beyond. The first one is that we come together to look at mission, to look at reaching out, to look beyond the walls of the church.

And it’s been done with joy! There’s been a real sense of joy and celebration here about the gospel that we have. I love that balance of, ‘We’re called to go out, but we’re called to go out with joy.’ “

Sam Blake

Worship Leader 2018

“I’ve really loved that we are gathering people from all over the UK to come together to worship here, to be taught inspired and equipped. I’m really looking forward to see what we’ve learned here follow us into the years as we look to see God’s Kingdom come here in the UK.”

Ruth O’Reilly-Smith


“The value that UK and Beyond adds, is essentially about bringing together the body of Christ across the UK. It’s not about a denomination, it’s about the body of Christ coming together. And preparing ourselves with a great foundation for when God pours out His Spirit across this nation. So that we are ready to respond, as a united church, as the body of Christ.”

David Peters

Speaker 2018

“It’s the UK’s time for a great move of the Holy Spirit. God’s eye is on this nation, something special is taking place. This conference will help champion Kingdom transformation. This conference will continue to release greater fire for prayer, for mission and for the pursuit of God.”

Tak Bhana

Host and Speaker 2018

“I’ve loved seeing the body of Christ come together. Different churches, different pastors, different organisations coming together; we are a champion for unity in the body of Christ.
When the body comes together, I believe God can do some amazing things.

I sense also in the UK there is a real hunger for the Great Commission, which is what this conference is all about. There’s a nation to be saved. The UK needs to be reached with the gospel. It’s going empower, encourage and inspire churches, pastors and Christians in the UK to do more for the Great commission and reaching those who are yet to know and find Jesus.”

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